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Balloon Film

High-quality, expertly-printed balloon films for balloon manufacturers

For over 50 years, Glenroy has been a leading supplier of metalized balloon film to balloon manufacturers. In fact, today's standard mylar balloon widths originate from the width of Glenroy’s original presses and laminating machinery. We manufacture custom-engineered foil and nonfoil balloon films for some of the largest balloon manufacturers in the world.

*Please note that we do not sell balloons. We produce the material used when manufacturing balloons.

Why Choose Glenroy Balloon Film?

When you choose our balloon film, you'll receive:

  • Strong seal strength and long-lasting float times
  • The lowest cost of use of any balloon films available
  • The highest level of service in the industry
  • Exceptional lead times


  • Film for printed balloons up to 36" in diameter
  • Film for double-sided balloons
  • Film for uniquely shaped balloons (hearts, stars, etc.)
  • 10-color flexographic printing on state-of-the-art presses
  • Optimum graphics quality yielding bright colors, defined images, and distinct lines
  • Superior coating and laminating methods
  • Ability to partner with customers in developing innovative new balloon materials
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“We’ve been doing business with Glenroy for over 25 years. Glenroy has produced excellent quality, and has always bent over backwards to address our needs. Glenroy is more than just a trusted supplier; Glenroy is a strategic partner, which is crucial in today’s economy.”

Pioneer Balloon Co.

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50th anniversary

About Glenroy

For 50 years, Glenroy, Inc. has been a custom converter of high-quality flexible packaging and balloon film. Glenroy’s balloon film is expertly printed on state-of-the-art 10-color flexographic presses in a GMI-certified printing facility. Our sophisticated printing capabilities have earned over 90 printing awards. Glenroy provides accessible technical expertise, responsive service and technical support to customers ranging from small manufacturers to Fortune 500 companies.

50th anniversary

Accessible Technical Expertise

Our engineers possess some of the industry’s top flexible packaging and balloon film expertise, while providing personalized, one-on-one technical support. They are easily accessible for all of our customers, large and small.

Responsive Service

Many flexible packaging and balloon film suppliers claim to offer the best customer service, but our high customer retention, high customer satisfaction scores, and many testimonials offer proof that the level of service we provide is truly different.

Technical Support

If other flexible packaging and balloon film suppliers have ever let you down, we’re here to help. Many of our customers sought us out after being disappointed by their previous suppliers, and continue to choose Glenroy.